Purveyors of splendid tunes and jolly good fun, Skedaddle went down a storm when they first played for Swing Out West in December. They’ve burst onto the west country Lindy Hop scene, and we’re thrilled to have their mix of gypsy jazz, slouchy cool bluesiness, and traditional swing for this year’s festival. See them in action here.



Michelle Crooks

The Specialists

Shag Teachers

Ed and Nicole fell in love with the excitement and silliness of Collegiate Shag in Bristol, and have been spreading their enthusiasm for this amazing dance over last last couple of years by providing tasters, workshops and regular classes throughout the South of England and Wales. You can see Ed and Nicole in action as the Shagaladdins here. Ed runs the annual Palm Swings festival in Torquay.

Shag is an energetic physical activity, generally danced to faster paced music (though we will start you off at slower tempos).  We would recommend that participants bring comfortable clothes that they can move in and practical footwear (preferably with non-grippy soles, cushioning, and low heels), and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Cornish Dance


Taught by Emma Pellowe, with live fiddle and guitar music from Cornish duo MacQuarrie & Toms, winners of the 2017 International Pan Celtic Duo competition in Ireland. The duo incorporate modern effects units with traditional playing techniques, using rich basslines, loops and harmonies to maintain an ‘acoustic’ sound while adding depth and texture to their music. They play a mixture of Cornish, Original and Celtic tunes.

Acrobatic Dance


Brett Jackson, artistic director of the Swamp Circus trust and Cornwall Circus School, has been a professional acrobat for 30 years in films, circus and street performances and trained originally at The French National Circus School.